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Telepresence | Nancy Lee & Kiran Bhumber

Developed at Emily Carr University | 2018 | Premiered at Western Front | 2018 | Presented at ISEA, Gwangju, SK | 2019

CREATIVE TEAM: Co-Creator: Kiran Bhumber Co-Creator: Nancy Lee Performer/Composer: JP Carter Animator & Visual Artist: Laine Butler Unity App Developer: Ian Lavery 360 Video Technician: Olivier Leroux Choreographer: Emmalena Frederiksson Volumetric Video Research Assistant: Eli Muro Production & Touring Manager: Andie Lloyd Production Assistant: Michael Fowler Photographer & Videographer: Jevan Crittenden PHOTOSHOOT Photography: Ashley Sandhu Makeup: Kelsey Tressel Lighting: Andie Lloyd

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