Origins: How Do We Co-exist?

June 2021 | Immigrant Lessons | Film

CREATIVE DIRECTOR + PRODUCER + DIRECTOR Kevin Fraser PERFORMERS Sophia Sosa Simran Sachar Sevrin Emnacen Josh Cameron Hayden Pereira Tegvaran [LN] TRANSLATORS Sophia Sosa Tegvaran [LN] MUSIC ARRANGEMENT Kevin Fraser MENTORS Omari Newton Justine Chambers Tonye Aganaba Jillian Christmas DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Bradley Stuckel LIGHTING DESIGNER + GAFFER Andie Lloyd EDITOR Kyle Sanborn MUSIC COMPOSITION Amine Bouzaher SOUND MIXING Vanessa Lefan LIGHTING ASSISTANT Kevin Kiju Kim FIRST ASSISTANT CAMERA Titouan Fournier SECOND ASSISTANT CAMERA Benjamin Stenner SOUND RECORDIST Nina Lee BOOM OPERATORS Alvaro Furloni Kevin Lee STAGE MANAGER Vanessa Lefan SET DESIGNERS Kevin Fraser Vanessa Lefan UNDERSTUDIES Vanessa Lefan Joanne Park SUPPORTED BY British Columbia Arts Council Dancing on the Edge Massey Theatre Anvil Centre Rumble Theatre New Works Dance Fringe Montreal