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bare | Eternal Theatre Collective

May 28th-June 8th 2019 | Unitarian Church of Vancouver

CREATIVE TEAM Director: Seamus Fera Choreographer: Alexandra Ewert Vocal Director: Paolo Camia Assistant Vocal Director: Finn Leahy Band Director: Caleb Chuang Production Manager: Megan Fass Stage Manager & Lighting Designer: Andie Lloyd Set Designer: Bailey Kaye Live Mixer: Aybars Savat Props Designer & Assistant Stage Manager: Sharon Wu Costume Designer & Builder: Candice Honeycutt-Li Intimacy Director: Phay Moores Intimacy & Fight Captain: Hannah Myers CAST Peter: Caleb Lagayan Ivy: Katrina Teitz Jason: Robbie Hébert Nadia: Ashlyn Tegos Claire/Rory: YooRa Kang Tanya: Hannah Myers Lucas: Avidor Manor Matt: Ricardo Pequenino Sister Chantelle: Jessica Wong Priest: Colin Doig Alan: Jeremy Cruz Zack: Oliver Spilsbury Kyra: Shelby Armstrong Diane: Allegra Wright BAND Piano 1: Caleb Chuang Piano 2: Beulah Lee Guitar 1: Nick Range Guitar 2/Cello: Felix J.C. Dick Bass: Marshall Henderson Percussion: Seth Kitamura Flute: Kirsten Spate

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