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Andie Lloyd [she/they/he] is a Jessie Award-nominated interdisciplinary artist and community advocate. A settler of Irish and Welsh heritage, Andie was born and raised on the unceded and occupied territory of the Qayqayt people, colonially known as New Westminster, British Columbia. She too was raised on and pays thanks to the traditional lands of the We Wai Kai people, on the island of Mekolas (colonially referred to as Quadra Island). They presently work out of Vancouver, on unceded Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Territories.

Andie's artistic practice revolves around decolonial leftist ideology and therefore principles of freedom of speech, self-determination, sovereignty and democracy. She encourages her community to challenge systems of oppression and exploitation in a holistic and integrated way. From Canada to Hong Kong, our liberation is bound with one another.

In the workplace, Andie is passionate about creating ethical, strong, kind and healthy relationships and environments. They most appreciate working with groups that prioritise personnel over product at all times.

Andie works primarily as a lighting & video designer for live performance, as well as a digital platform consultant, visual artist, writer and media artist. Andie loves working with open-source and small softwares, and primarily utilises Isadora, created by Mark Coniglio, for all of her creation needs.

They studied Theatre Production at Studio 58 in Vancouver, B.C. and graduated in 2017. They have since worked across Canada and internationally with numerous professional companies including Neworld Theatre, FakeKnot, rice & beans theatre and PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.


In 2022, Andie designed Spanish & English surtitles for the World Premiere of Clean/Espejos with Neworld Theatre, where her co-designed projection design and surtitling work was nominated for a Significant Artistic Achievement - Outstanding Integration of Dynamic Surtitles and Video Projections at the 2022 Jessie Richardson Awards.

Recent notable credits include:  Big Queer Filipino Karaoke Night! — Digital System & Lighting Design (Davey Samuel Calderon), SHED: Knowing Eachother as Different and the Same — Design Associate (Pam Tzeng, 2022), Selfie — Digital System Design (rice & beans Theatre, 2022), Echoes from Far Away Cities — Projection Design (Blackout Theatre, 2022), 波咯麵包 Pineapple Bun — Projection Design (Howard Dai, 2022), whip — Lighting Design (FakeKnot, 2021) and Residuals (住み・墨) — Lighting Design (Shion Skye Carter, 2021), and is so looking forward to designing video & projected text for Derek Chan’s new solo work, Happy Valley 馬照跑。舞照跳, premiering in May 2023.

Andie's first work, Sleep Here Tonight 今天睡在這裡, is a one-person play about finding yourself in Asia, navigating privilege, and acquainting yourself with freedom for the first time. It is a biographical re-telling of her first trip to Taiwan. Framed as a travel advice vlog, we learn some language tips, history about the island, what not to do, and how to make the most out of your first adventure alone.

Andie’s first film is a movement-centric piece about the cross-continental history of mahjong, it’s different styles, cultural and social implications, told through the perspectives of four players with four distinct stories. Andie is currently writing a second play, KTV: 雨下起來唱了首歌, a celebration of East Asian karaoke culture, language, and belonging.


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