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Andie Lloyd is a queer + disabled interdisciplinary artist and community advocate. She was born a settler of Irish and Welsh heritage on the unceded territory of the Qayqayt people, on the shores of the south bend of the Lhta Koh (in Dakelth language, or the Fraser River), colonially known as New Westminster, British Columbia. She was also raised on and pays thanks to the traditional lands of the We Wai Kai people (colonially referred to as Quadra Island). She is currently based in Vancouver. 

Andie's artistic practice revolves around decolonial leftist ideology and therefore the principles of freedom of speech, self-determination, sovereignty and democracy. She encourages her community to investigate and find understanding of the systems of oppression and exploitation in a holistic and integrated way — to recognise that our fights, against colonisation, neoliberalism, mass surveillance, police brutality— are universal. From Canada to Hong Kong to India to Guatemala, our liberation is bound with one another, and cooperation, collective uprising, translation and intersectional recognition is our only way forward.


While her primary medium is light [whether from a projector or the sun] — Andie works in myriad of capacities, including as a technical director, production manager, digital platform consultant, lighting technician, visual artist, writer and new media artist.

Andie studied Theatre Production at Studio 58 in Vancouver, with a focus on lighting design and production stage management, and graduated in 2017. She proceeded to work with the internationally-recognised interdisciplinary company known as Chimerik似不像 from 2018-2020. While working with the Collective, Andie worked on several significant projects including:

The Great Leap (Arts Club Theatre Company, 2019), Telepresence: a VR concert experience (Nancy Lee & Kiran Bhumber, presented at ISEA 2019 in Gwangju, Korea), Inheritance: a pick-the-path experience (Alley Theatre, 2020) and Crossing Mountains and Seas 穿越山海經 (Orchid Ensemble, Sammy Chien, Aeriosa Dance, Chengxin Wei). She recently collaborated with filmmaker Anthony Lee in an innovative livestreamed excerpt of Christine Quintana's play Selfie.


Andie is currently writing a play where she'll get to sing karaoke for two hours straight (KTV: a love letter to the music of Taiwan & Hong Kong), and a film where she'll get to play mahjong with her friends for a few days on camera (mahjong 麻將).

Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Lives Matter.

光復香港 - 時代革命. Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our Times.

五大訴求 - 缺一不可. Five demands, not one less.

Hasta la victoria siempre.

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